About Me


My name is Nicole Gimpl. I am a freshman at Arizona State University where I hope to broaden my journalistic horizons and experience working in the field first hand.

This is my 3rd year with experience in journalism. After participating in the 2014 Cronkite High School Summer Journalism Institute, I brought information back to my high school so our  journalism program could advance further. While in the program, I found that I really liked what I was doing and that journalism is the career I want to pursue. After two years writing for my high school’s “Roar Magazine,” I believe I have the necessary skills and drive that it takes to be a great journalist.

I currently have an internship with College Times, a publication serving 20 campuses in the Phoenix area. You can check out their newly launched site – which I will be contributing to – here!

In my free time, I enjoy  reading, writing, singing, going to concerts and writing about them, as well as spending time with my family. I hope to one day become  a print journalist for either Nylon or Sunset Magazine.

This blog was created for my JMC 305 class. My main blog is Raised by the Internet and features articles I’ve written and have yet to write about concerts in the Phoenix area.


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